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It’s hard enough figuring out what to do to help bring balance into the wild ride of trying to conceive .

But what if you could….

  • Learning to work with the hormonal fluctuations of your cycle while trying to conceive. 

  • Know exactly what self-care practice to do during each day of your fertile month.

  • Have access to simple Yoga, Breathwork and Body Rolling classes that have a direct influence on the health of our reproductive system. 

  • Easily bring warmth and energy to the reproductive organs, create space, and release tension held there. 

  • Reduces stress hormones in the bloodstream.

  • Calm the mind and reduce body pain during the waiting phase.

  • Have self-care tools to help you through a challenging time.

Thrive while trying to conceive!

  • Know what to do to help your ovulation when you are on your period.

  • Know how to create balance during preovulation.

  • Bring blood flow to your uterus and ovaries at the most perfect time to support the implantation of the egg

  • Follow simple videos and audios to help you make small changes with big impacts every day

  • Have all the tools of yoga, breath work and self-massage available 24/7

  • Go to the exact day in the fertility cycle and have a short stress reducing practice at your fingertips.


Sample of Yoga and Body Rolling 

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