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Hi Suzi!


It was so amazing to meet you! I am so grateful to have this experience as I truly feel this is what I’ve been missing. I did have some muscular soreness, but I feel so joyful since the massage, especially today. I think I am experiencing the joy from the full body release. 


I am just so amazed I could feel my uterus. I’m not sure why I’m in so much awe (and why question that), but I believe in this synergy and what you are providing.


I emailed my Naturopath last night and told her I believed you were the missing piece of my team and I felt so “loved” in that massage. Thank you for your openness, expertise, good vibes, and empathy. 

~New Client on 5/14/19~


Dear Suzi,

Thank you so much for checking on me. 

I slept well, have far less pain and almost no belching issues. Yesterday’s time with you was truly a blessing.  

— New Client Suffering From Digestive Issues from Chest Surgical Scar Tissue June 2019

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