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Food and Supplements for Optimal Fertility

Do you know about Alisa Vitti is a functional nutritionist and women’s hormone expert. She helps women solve their hormonal symptoms. She has published a wonderful book called WomanCode. Can you tell I am smitten? I love all of her resources, books and posts.

I would love to point you to her article on Food supplements for Optimal Fertility. It is hard to find credible resources that you can trust. I love and trust all of her well researched

information. Here are a few topics that you will find in this link:

  • Food Strategies for Optimal Fertility

  • Foods To Eat Now If You’re Ready To Make a Baby

  • Lifestyle Strategies for Optimal Fertility

  • Three Missing Pieces of the Fertility Puzzle

  • The 5 Micronutrients You Need For Optimal Fertility

  • Supplements For Specific Hormone Symptoms

This is an amazing list of topics that will inform women with infertility concerns, women trying to conceive or women preparing to conceive. Happy reading!

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