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MediCupping™ therapy utilizes a machine with glass or plastic cups to create suction on the body surface. 

A unique quality is the "lifting without force." Even when working on deep scars and adhesions, fibrous tissue, or fascia that has retained memory from the incident or injury, the technique is comfortable and works very quickly. The results are often dramatic and visible, since vacuum therapies work nicely with the homeostatic mechanisms of the body. The ability of the MediCupping™ machine to control the vacuum and the release of tissue makes it unique. The equipment performs the pumping techniques while the therapist concentrates on the movements. 

Suzi has studies MediCupping and Massage Cupping using a vacuum to create an amazing result. VacuTherapy utilizes many different tools to create the vacuum effect.

  • Pain relief

  • Joint mobilization

  • Lymph drainage

  • Detoxification - movement of stagnation

  • Releasing tight, contracted muscle tissue

  • Scar reduction

  • Pre and post-operative therapy to shorten recovery time and enhance surgical results

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